Autonomous Triggering

The system identify loss of control and autonomously triggers a series of safety measures including the parachute deployment.

Independent Flight Termination System

The system cuts power to the rotors to prevent cord entanglement and reduce the risk of laceration injuries

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Smart & Effective Protection

ParaZero offers a smart and effective solution to address the industry’s safety challenges by designing the best-in-class autonomous drone safety system to keep bystanders on ground below safe and protect the drone and payload from crashing.

The SafeAir M-200 drone safety system is an end to end solution that is designed for DJI’s Matrice 200 series.

SafeAir uses independent sensors to continuously monitor the drone’s flight data for anomalies. When critical failures are detected a series of autonomous safety measures are triggered:
Deploy Parachute     Controlled Decent               Alarm Sounds

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