All FAA Certificate of Authorizations require pilots to have an annual night training to conduct night flights. This training is to reiterate the importance for vision for night flight operations and techniques utilized at night to limit risk to people and equipment.

Module 1 Introduction and Overview
Unit 1 Introduction to the Course  - Preview
Module 2 Vision in Flight
Unit 1 Overview of Vision in Flight
Unit 2 The make up of the eyes
Unit 3 Vision Types
Unit 4 Blind Spots
Unit 5 Night Vision
Unit 6 Night Vision Protection
Unit 7 Tablet Lighting
Unit 8 Airfield Precautions
Unit 9 Self Imposed Stressors
Unit 10 Illusions in flight
Module 3 Night Flight Team Organization
Unit 1 Night Team Organization
Module 4 Flight Planning
Unit 1 Flight Planning Best Practices
Module 5 Night Flight Checklists
Unit 1 Flight Flight Checklists
Module 6 Final Thoughts
Unit 1 Questions