Search and Rescue

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) have the capability to get eyes on the ground during a search and rescue. With enhanced solutions such as thermal cameras a sUAS can help responders spot individuals on the ground, thereby finding lost children, animals, and other individuals quickly when time matters.

The systems Macatawa helps integrate have all proven their capability to help within a search event.

Leverage the Z30 zoom or FLIR XT Thermal for better search and rescue capabilities.

Live streaming

With DJI’s FlightHub a department can live stream multiple aircraft images back to the EOC during search and rescue operations, giving the command a better common operational picture.

Thermal Imagery

Leveraging the FLIR XT Thermal responders can use the isotherm option blocking out temperatures not within the range of humans or targets. This allows images to be highlighted in real time based on their temperature.

Underwater Unmanned Vehicle

An affordable way to conduct underwater searches is now affordable! With UUVs that cost less than $2500 and can travel up to 300ft deep, responders can now conduct quick searches without putting divers in the water. This could save time as well as valuable resources.

Water Rescues

sUAS are used for saving lives during water rescues. The equipment is simple to operate, it can limit the risks to responders, and save valuable time.

Custom Solutions

There are numerous accessories for rescue operations, including payload drop systems, speakers, and tethers to help with your operations. Macatawa has the expertise to help narrow down your needs and make recommendations for quality solution.

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