The most comprehensive FAA Certificate of Authorization Course (COA) on the market. This course will save you days as well as thousands of dollars if you outsource your COA. We give you everything you need in one package with hours of videos explaining the process and giving you examples along the way.

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To get a FAA Certificate of Authorization


You had to research countless articles, regulations, and webpages

You had to beg someone in another department to spend time helping you gather data

You had to pay thousands of dollars to a consultant to do your COA for you

Example Module COA vs. Part 107

Researching and submitting for a FAA Certification of Authorization is difficult, until now

Have you been researching where and how to get an FAA Certificate of Authorization? Wonder what documents you will need to file successfully? Do you even know what website you need access to? Did your supervisor ask you to start a drone program for your department but you have no idea where to start?

This course is for you! The FAA Certificate of Authorization (COA) course is for all those needing to create or FAA Certificate of Authorization, wanting to start a public drone / sUAS program, or an individual wanting to learn more about them.

The FAA Certificate of Authorization Course will:

  •  Save you thousands in consultant fees
  •  Get a step by step on how to create a FAA Certificate of Authorization (COA)
  •  Understand the difference between a COA and a Part 107 Pilot
  •  Have all the example documentation you will need to file succesfully
  •  Cut down your preparation and submission time by days
  •  Give you a better understanding on how to leverage your COA in emergencies
  •  Successfully submit and receive a COA from the FAA within weeks, not months

Module 1


Introduction to the course, its instructor, and what you need to prepare prior to moving further with this course

Module 2

COA vs. Part 107

An overview of the COA’s history and the Commercial Pilot Part 107. Which process is right for you moving forward, or how you can utilize both to support your operations.

Module 3

Types of COAs

There are three types of COAs, Blanket, Standard, and Special Government Interest (SGI). This module explains each

Module 4

Preparing to File for a COA

This module goes over the support documentation needed for the OA application. Complete this before moving forward.

Module 5

Creating a Blanket COA

Step by step walk through on how to create a Blanket COA and examples

Module 6

Types of COAs

Summary and Survey

Your Instructor

Jeremy Latchaw is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserves and serves as a battalion commander for infantry basic training. He has a decade of experience incorporating advanced technologies into the Army’s force structure. As a college professor he has taught for Davenport University, The Army Command and General Staff College, and Western Michigan University.

He is a FAA Part 107 pilot, Level 1 sUAS Thermographer, and has taught hundreds of public department pilots over the last three years. An industry expert in Counter-Drones, Jeremy serves as the lead instructor for the C-UAS Coalition, the leading organization for incorporating drone countermeasures for public and private industry.

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