Why have a sUAS program?

For a better common operational picture

One of the best use cases for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) is getting a better common operational picture and identify hot spots. As seen in the picture above, the M210 can support ground teams by identifying where the hottest spots are, see through the smoke with thermals, and give the incident commander a better visual of the entire scene.

Imagine live streaming aerial video back to the command and decision makers


Enhance firefighter safety


“What the drone allowed us to do was to see where the actual fire is, the size of the fire, what’s burning and its relationship to distance to the storage magazine…we came up with our strategy” – Ronald Mullen Deputy Chief

Other Use Cases


Finding lost persons


Lost person calls happen a lot, and many are children and elderly. sUAS are proven to save manpower and time. “Search 1000s of acres took just two hours”


This could be one of the most useful tools you have to enhance safety of your firefighters and local population, but how do you get one, get training, get FAA approval, and ensure you have the right SOGs and SOPs to begin operations?

how can we help you?

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