Autel EVO II 640T

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EVO II Enterprise V3 integrates a superior imaging system, an upgraded 15km image transmission (SkyLink 2.0), and additional accessories to meet different aerial needs including inspection, search and rescue, law enforcement, fire fighting, and more. The foldable design empowers industry users with an efficient and portable aerial work tool.

  • Equipped with a 640*512 high-resolution thermal imaging camera featuring a 13mm focal length lens and 16x digital zoom, it is easy to observe distant targets. The system uses a new image processing algorithm, making thermal imaging details clearer and more
  • Equipped with a .8″ RYYB CMOS sensor, featuring moonlight algorithm 2.0 that provides excellent noise suppression in limited lighting conditions, further enhancing its 50-megapixel camera to give users more details for better forensics and analysis. Detect
  • Multiple Temperature Measurement Modes
  • EVO II Dual 640T Enterprise V3 supports 4x lossless zoom and 16 times digital zoom. Obtain clear intel from farther away without suspicion.
  • 2.4G/5.8G/900MHz: Support tri-band communication and can automatically frequency hop for maximum anti-interference capability
  • The EVO II Enterprise V3 is upgraded with Autel’s all-new SkyLink 2.0 Video Transmission technology. 15KM: Fly farther with HD video transmission up to 15km. QHD: Obtain critical details with QHD video within 1km.
  • Large propellers and revised flight algorithms gives the EVO II Enterprise V3 the longest flight time in its category.
  • EVO II Enterprise V3 has additional thermal vents for additional heat dissipation, prolonging battery life.
  • EVO II Enterprise V3’s Carbon Fiber Arms and longer propellers provide additional rigidity and flight stability to the EVO II Enterprise Platform.
  • With EVO II Enterprise V3’s new propeller design, fly closer without being noticed. The Enterprise is inaudible to the ear at around 190 meters high (623 ft).

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