Do you want the knowledge to become a FAA Certified Drone Pilot?
Do you want the ability to understand small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) regulations, rules, and best practices?

Taken from our award-winning Part 107 sUAS Pilot boot camp course, this online version is adaptive to your timeline and is guaranteed to help you pass the FAA Part 107 knowledge exam to obtain your Certified UAS Pilot License. We have trained Michigan Department of Transportation, Indiana University, Western Michigan University, Iowa Homeland Security, numerous fire departments, and cities with this curriculum.

  1. Over 9 hours of instruction
  2. 3 Full practice tests
  3. 100s of example questions

All ready for you to begin in the comfort of your home or office – on your time!
Also perfect for public pilots operating on a COA for their semi-annual training!

Instruction includes:

Part 107 Regulations
Weather Effects
Weight and Balance of Drones
Radio Communications
Airport Operations
Decision Making Process
Emergency Procedures

Module 1 Introduction and Part 107 Rules
Unit 1 Overview and Acronyms  - Preview
Unit 2 Understanding Part 107 COAs, COWs
Unit 3 Receiving a Part 107 Rating
Unit 4 Operating a UAS
Unit 5 Part 107 Waivers
Unit 6 Accident Reporting
Unit 7 Part 107 Rules Quiz
Module 2 Airspace
Unit 1 Overview of Airspace Classification
Unit 2 Class B Airspace
Unit 3 Class C Airspace
Unit 4 Class D Airspace
Unit 5 Class E Airspace
Unit 6 Class G Airspace
Unit 7 Airspace Areas
Unit 8 Flight Restrictions
Unit 9 sUAS Hazards
Unit 10 Understanding NOTAMs
Unit 11 Airspace Quiz
Module 3 Weather
Unit 1 Types of Weather Briefings
Unit 2 Understanding METARs
Unit 3 Understanding TAFs
Unit 4 Weather Charts
Unit 5 Radar Observations
Unit 6 Weather Quiz
Module 4 Weather Effects on Performance
Unit 1 Module Overview
Unit 2 Density Altitude
Unit 3 Wind and Current
Unit 4 Types of Wind
Unit 5 Atmospheric Stability
Unit 6 Temperature Inversions
Unit 7 Pressures
Unit 8 Fronts
Unit 9 Moisture and Precipitation
Unit 10 Thunderstorms and Microbursts
Unit 11 Weather effects on performance quiz
Module 5 Weight and Balance
Unit 1 Balance
Unit 2 Weight
Unit 3 Quiz
Module 6 Radio Communication Procedures
Unit 1 Overview
Unit 2 Operating near an airport
Unit 4 Phraseology
Unit 5 Communication Quiz
Module 7 Airport Operations
Unit 1 Overview
Unit 2 Types of Airports
Unit 3 Runway Markings
Unit 4 Traffic Pattern
Unit 5 Maps Sectional Charts
Unit 6 Hazards
Unit 7 Airport Operations Quiz
Module 8 Decision Making
Unit 1 Overview
Unit 2 CRM Hazard ID
Unit 3 Risk Assessments
Unit 4 Medical Considerations
Unit 5 Decision Making Quiz
Module 9 Emergency Procedures
Unit 1 Overview
Unit 2 Emergency and Contingency Planning
Unit 3 Lithium Batteries
Unit 4 Lost Link and Flyaways
Unit 5 GPS and Spectrum Limitations
Unit 6 Emergency Procedures Quiz
Module 10 Practice Tests
Unit 1 Practice Test 1
Unit 2 Practice Test 2
Unit 3 Practice Test 3